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With our full suite of waxing services, we are your go-to for unwanted hair.

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Razor burn, missed spots, stubble, shaving twice a week…Um, no thanks.

Stay Smoother Longer

Just imagine – You, but smoother, and with newfound confidence! Savvy Aesthetics offers expert waxing, for men and women. Our professionally licensed estheticians use the highest quality wax, safe for all skin types.

Facial Wax

We offer waxing for the following areas to remove any unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz revealing smoother, brighter skin.

✓ Upper Lip
✓ Side Burns
✓ Chin
✓ Full Face

Brow Shaping

Make sure your brows are shaped to perfection with our brow wax treatment.

Arm & Leg Wax

Settle into that impossibly silky feeling you get right after you shave and apply lotion.

Full Legs

For your upper legs, lower legs, knees, feet, and toes. This does not include the bikini line.

Half Arms

For your lower arm including the elbow. This does not include shoulders or hands.


The specialized service includes only your underarms.

Full Arms

For the entire length of your arm including hands and fingers. This does not include shoulders.


Bikini and Brazilian Wax

Our Bikini Wax specifically removes hair from areas seen outside of a bathing suit or underwear.

While, our Brazilian is a specialized service that removes all unwanted hair in the pelvic area.


Permanent Hair Removal

We offer permanent hair removal from the face or body with Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is currently the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. Using advanced technology, a small amount of electricity is gently applied to the base of the hair follicle to remove the individual hairs and the hair growth tissue. Electrolysis works on all hair and skin types. Most areas of the body can be treated including, but not limited to:

✓ Chin and Upper Lip
✓ Eyebrows
✓ Beards
✓ Bikini Lines
✓ Chest
✓ Breast
✓ Stomach
✓ Legs
✓ Arms

Wax Membership

Enjoy smooth skin all year at the best price with our Wax Membership. With one Bikini or Brazilian Wax appointment every 4 or 6 weeks, you’ll be ready for any occasion. (Most clients choose 6 weeks).

Classic – $55/month

All members also receive a coupon pack at sign-up, 10% all retail purchases, and discounts on select upgrades.

It’s time to invest in yourself for a change.

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A la carte or membership – we’re invested in you. Your personalized treatment plan is our way of making sure we exceed your desired goals.

3. Hello Confidence

Bye-bye insecurity 👋 ! Enhance your natural beauty and enjoy your new low-maintenance beauty routine, because you deserve to feel beautiful all of the time!

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